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About me

Sira Inchusta Carrillo, Clinical Psychologist.

Trained in the field of Clinical psychology within complementary approaches (cognitive, behaviourism and psychanalysis), I work in a frame adapted to the patient’s needs and objectives. We create a frame considering the patient’s background, mother tongue, objectives, needs and expectations.

Graduated in Clinical Psychology by University Complutense of Madrid (Spain), I have a Master degree in Clinical Psychopathology, Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy by University of Burgundy- Franche Comté (France).

My training and former experience gave me the opportunity to work with patients from birth to senior ages. I’m specialised in working with families and children (early childhood, childhood and teenagers).

Sira Inchusta Carrillo

Sira Inchusta Carrillo


I have had the opportunity to work with different sectors of the population, having a special interested towards refugees, people with disabilities (mental, physical, psychic and sensorial) and LGBTI people.

In addition, I work with adult patients in individual therapy, mainly working with depression, Burn-Out, Anxiety disorders and difficulties related to sexuality and relationships. Therefore, I organise workshops, group therapy and conferences about different topics, where patients and professionals can create a space of discussion and thinking.

Thus, we are creating a framework of expression and comprehension where the patient can freely express her or his feelings, her or his suffering and the difficulties dealing with relationships.

My methodology is based in active listening and open dialogue to find and solve the causes of the disorder or issue and to create together ways to achieve a well-being state. Finally, my therapy is based in a continuous research of new and adapted tools for each patient, keeping updated to all the innovative technics.


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