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About me

I’m a clinical psychologist (UCL) specialized in the treatment of depression, trauma and burn-out. I propose an integrative approach to psychology in a tailor-made framework depending on your affinities, whether you are looking for a concrete and/or more reflexive approach. In parallel, I’m currently working in the mental health, toxicomania and precariousness sector. I also have experience in the sectors of socio-professional insertion and psychiatry.

My systemic practice and my inspirations from the brief therapy of Palo-Alto allows me to adopt new perspectives, taking into consideration the construction of reality, the influence of the system in which a person has evolved and also find innovative, creative and simple solutions to complex problems.

My psychoanalytic inspirations, far from the clichés that is made out of it, offers a space for new questions composed of philosophic, metaphoric or artistic components to learn more about what it is to be human.

It is via the cognitive behavioral therapy that I’ve acquired different tools and a scientific approach. This practice constitutes for me a pillar on which the psychologist but also the patient can lean on to work together inside a evidence based framework.

Finally, profoundly anchored in a humanistic approach inspired by positive psychology, my goal is simple : to allow you to live a fulfilling life et to ponder the questions of “what?”, “why ?” but also “how ?” to achieve a state where you can develop yourself on the right path to express your full potential.

I do consultations in French and English, for adults and adolescents (from 13years)

Kevin Dekoninck

Kevin Dekoninck



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