About me

Elisabeth Kerrinckx psychologue neuropsychologue BougeI hold a degree in neuropsychology, and  I am a member of the Psychologists Commission (Commission des Psychologues), and I dedicate myself to a mission towards the well-being and autonomy of my patients.

My university education (Master), my various trainings on my life path as well as my collaboration within EHP Belgium, my intuitive and empathetic thoroughness allow me to receive you in order to promote your balance and essence of life, according to your  singular and respective needs.

In addition to that, my passion for understanding human behavior, their observations, the search for truths and authenticity, since I was little, offers me the opportunity to decode (as best as possible) what makes the essence of the person and of act, or try to understand in order to promote reflection, in alliance, with it.

Focusing on creating a supportive connection with my patients, as well as creating an active listening and empathic relationship, I practice an integrated psychotherapy. This combines various approaches according to the individual needs of the patient.

Particularly, thanks to my specialization, I work with the patient in achieving neuropsychological assessments to profile the individual strengths and weaknesses that help guide towards the diagnosis, but also to target the rehabilitative follow-up (if this is recommended).

High level functions, mainly memory functions, attentional, instrumental (language, gestures, vision), executive (automatic processes) and global reasoning (e.g. IQ) will be analyzed through clinical tests and psychometric objectives.

I also perform rehabilitation sessions focused on cognitive behaviorism, to optimize reduced functionality. It should be noted at this level that rehabilitation should start as soon as possible, to permit restoration of the failing neurological (and neuropsychiatric) mechanisms, thus restoring weakened cognitive and behavioral components.

Lastly, I perform psychotherapeutic sessions aimed at the development of the patient. These sessions are empowering against adversity and will lead the patient to work on him- or herself.

I work with the elderly (primarily within the framework of degenerative dementias), with adults (treating trauma, stroke, depression, anxiety, loss of self-esteem …) and with children (emotional difficulties, learning disabilities, attention disorders and / or delayed development, …) from infancy to adolescence.

As a young and dynamic professional I had the opportunity to work with the University Hospital of Cork which allowed me to expand my knowledge. I have also attended an open postgraduate training at CHR Namur within the neuropsychological pediatric team, and I remain well aware that training in psychology is constant and infinite.

I’ll let you ponder this political quote, which to me translates the starting point of any infallible therapeutic approach “Where there is a will, there is a way”, Winston Churchill.

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Couples therapy

When a couple’s situation is such that the two people can no longer put up with each other, or that communication becomes practically impossible or at the least is very difficult, then it is worth calling a counsellor to try and re-establish communication and review the problems.

Psychotherapy sessions

What is fascinating in many of our psychotherapy sessions, is the relatively limited time that is needed before the psychologists understands your problem and has a clear picture of it. When you come to your consultation session and tell your psychologist about your problem, we will first of all consider together how this problem occurs, where it comes from and the impact it has on you and your life.

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