Psychologist Anderlecht, Jette – Wayra Dafos

About me

Educated in clinical psychology (“graduat”) in Belgium, and in Counselling at the Simon Fraser University in Canada ( Master level in Counselling), I practice in Brussels with a recognized psychologist title. I have a multicultural profile and express myself in French, and in English.

My orientation is systemic  and analytical. I also practice the EMDR which addresses old or new traumatisms. The EMDR approach is very efficient as well in case of phobia or old psychological wounds, still active despite a history of classic therapy.

I have been interested in the research on  burnout and compassion fatigue. My practical experience put me in touch with problems of handicap (moderated to severe, physical and mental), of school maladaptation, of depression and anxiety, burnout, interpersonal conflicts, stress and the difficulties managing the emotions, the couple crisis, separation, identity problems and assertion, mourning and  existential crisis.

Wayra Dafos

Wayra Dafos


I work with adults, alone or couples, in management of conflicts and mediation. I have an opening on the spiritual dimension as well as on questions of sexual orientation, whatever it is, without judgment.

I consider that it is important to pursue a continuous personal work, to evolve constantly, and to never stop learning. I learn many things from my  patients with whom I work in a collaborative way, in longer or brief therapy, according to the request and needs, either centered on objectives predefined together, or in a more analytical, longer-term way.

I am accredited by the Commission of Psychologists and welcome my patients in private practice, in  Anderlecht.

I invite you to write me or to phone if you need further information.


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