Psychologist Brussels – Joel Vilarrubla

About me

I am Joel Vilarrubla, registered psychologist at the Commission des Psychologues (nº 871214674), trained in cognitive-behavioral psychology. I work in English, French, Spanish and Catalan.

I studied at the University of Barcelona and I later on specialised in clinical psychology and sexology. I have also followed courses in coaching and management of talent and knowledge.

In my clinic in Brussels I receive adults for individual therapy. The issues with which I work the most are addictions, anxiety, self-esteem, depression, migratory grief of expats, stress, as well as problems of couple, sexuality, and problems related to the acceptance of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Psychotherapy is a very useful tool for people suffering from depression, anxiety or worry over a prolonged period of time, by people who see

Joel Vilarrubla

Joel Vilarrubla


that they have problems that are affecting their physical and emotional well-being or people who do not see themselves capable of facing an event such as a new job, a divorce or mourning for the loss of a family member.

As a psychologist I try to offer a supportive environment to establish an objective, neutral and non-judgmental relationship. The therapy I do is eclectic within cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). My framework is cognitive-behavioral psychology but at the same time I incorporate techniques from other therapies, such as mindfulness.

You can count on me if you need help making a positive change in your life, or facing challenges and concerns.


Do you have other questions or concerns (for example how a psychologist can help you with your problem)? Just call our secretariat to make an appointment or send an email to the secretariat of Psychologist Belgium, to the attention of the psychologist of your choice.