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About me

Hello, and welcome to my personal page. My name is Olivier Tilquin, and for several years I have already been working as a clinical psychologist. I am a member of the Belgian Commission of Psychologists and works entirely according to the code of ethics of Belgian psychologists.

I worked in different institutions of mental health, and I consult privately for more than 6 years now. I am passionate about my job because it is an activity that provides me with an opportunity to be in contact with my clients in a very deep and very authentic way, with a view to helping them resolve some of their suffering, their questions, their fears, or their unhappiness.

I am a quiet, focused on listening to each other, and I am very friendly and empathetic in relation to any request for assistance or support. I think through very attentive listening and a welcoming and supportive environment, a person can learn to solve this problem which him experience pain or disturbance in life.

Olivier Tilquin

Olivier Tilquin


I am trained in analytical psychotherapy, a form of therapy that can accommodate people in a very rich and deep way. To reduce the symptoms or behaviours you are facing, my methodology takes into account all dimensions of your being, both conscious and unconscious .

In my consultations, I offer everyone a particular space and the opportunity to come and say what they do not say or cannot say otherwise, to talk to a psychologist about your problem and what causes suffering in his life.

Every consultation is a moment to pause for a while, to put to words the difficult experiences that we all too often are facing alone and that hinder us from seeing clearly. It is a time to hear things differently when conflicts put you under stress, or when certain unfortunate scenarios intervene in your happiness. This may be due to a painful event such as loss of a loved one, a breakup, problems at work or with your family, a traumatic event, or at a more diffuse level general discomfort, sadness, depression, anxiety.

Psychologist, by listening becomes a privileged witness to the history of their client person. In my practice I work with children, adolescents as well as adults and couples. My framework varies according to age and the problems you encountered .

I work both with short-term and long-duration support or coaching.


Do you have other questions or concerns (for example how a psychologist can help you with your problem)? Just call our secretariat to make an appointment or send an email to the secretariat of Psychologist Belgium, to the attention of the psychologist of your choice.