About me

fabian jeanmart psychologue verviersAs a clinical psychologist for more than 20 years, I have developed and successfully applied a specific approach to depression. In 20 years, I have accompanied more than 4000 patients suffering from this pathology.

My approach focuses on the emotional aspect of depression and not on the symptomatology. I have modelled depression by understanding childhood emotions and their impact on the current symptomatology.

This emotional work is perfectly complemented today by the contribution of virtual reality.

Recently, I have been using new technologies (virtual reality headset) to treat certain phobias and to provide a concrete and immersive relaxation practice.

The Virtual Reality platform that I use with the helmet, allows to control the progressive exposure to an anxiogenic stimulus in a secure environment. This approach offers excellent results for stress management, anxiety and emotional management in general.

The good news about treating phobias and anxiety is that this work can also be done remotely (without leaving your home) using your smartphone and an immersive device that is delivered to you free of charge.

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Couples therapy

When a couple’s situation is such that the two people can no longer put up with each other, or that communication becomes practically impossible or at the least is very difficult, then it is worth calling a counsellor to try and re-establish communication and review the problems.

Psychotherapy sessions

What is fascinating in many of our psychotherapy sessions, is the relatively limited time that is needed before the psychologists understands your problem and has a clear picture of it. When you come to your consultation session and tell your psychologist about your problem, we will first of all consider together how this problem occurs, where it comes from and the impact it has on you and your life.

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