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About me

My name is Catherine Chanut . I obtained my MA in Clinical Psychology at Louvain La Neuve in 2001 , UCL .

At the end of my studies I participated in the training ” Télé Accueil”, where I learned a lot about listening, humility and he role of a psychologist in a relationship of anonymity.

Having appreciated the work of clinical psychologist during my internship in the department of psychiatry at the Clinique St Pierre – Ottignies , I found my first job at the Centre Hospitalier Jean Titeca in Brussels where I refine my psychiatric experience since now already 10 years … .

In my practice, the question arose of finding a psychotherapeutic approach that stimulates my creativity and allows me to respond to my desire to help patients to alleviate their sufferings and to generate the desired therapeutic solutions. A role where we are not limited to talking about changes … . In this context, this quote has always guided my career choices :

psychotherapy in the service of life, not life at the service of psychotherapy

I discovered my affinity with the School of Palo Alto Brief Therapy . This approach is interactive , change-oriented and always “custom” for the patient who consults . Brief Therapy allows to address various issues in individuals, couples and families. ‘Brief’ does not mean that there is a limited number of sessions ; but rather that we are interested in feedback between the problem and attempts to solve it in a given context . The duration is based on the expectations and pace.

This “measure” is also found in Ericksonian Hypnosis , where the therapist adapts the language of the patient and his perception of his problem to build an unprecedented response to its difficulties. Ericksonian Hypnosis is “permissive”, which means that the therapist never imposes an idea through hypnosis ; instead Erickson liked to compare the therapist to a “guide for the patient in his collection of conscious and unconscious resources.” Hypnosis also brings this special attention to the link between the mind and the body ; thereby extending its indications to the management of pain, tinnitus, the tobacco cessation , sexual disorders and certain psychosomatic disorders .

In addition, therapists are often confronted with patients and refugees who have experienced multiple traumas , I wondered how to address these symptoms of posttraumatic stress (nightmares , flashbacks , anxiety … ) ; which led me to train in EMDR (Eyes Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing ) technique discovered by Francine Shapiro. This technique initially was used mainly as a treatment for traumas of war. Nowadays we find it to be very effective in a variety of cases:

■ trauma : sexual abuse , assault , war, terrorist attack , natural disaster …
■ trauma more ” everyday ” breakup, car accident , childbirth, mourning …
■ anxiety disorders ( panic attacks, phobias, compulsive obsessive )
■ and finally traumatic aspects of serious diseases like cancer

I hope to meet you soon …

Catherine Chanut

Catherine Chanut



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